Over the years I’ve played in a variety of bands of varying quality. They have been universally unpopular and unsuccessful. Some highlights are included below.

Filmed by Sia Duff on the final night of Format’s time on Peel Street, here I am trying and failing to play Smells Like Teen Spirit with Home for the Def. This was one of the pinnacles of my musical life.

For several years I played in a band called No Through Road. This is the only song I ever wrote for that band. I was never paid for it. The film clip was made by our former drummer Stephen Banham, who is currently making a film about drop bears. It was on our album ‘Winner’ which, ironically, was a commercial failure.

Another No Through Road video by Stephen Banham, including a mixture of free stock footage and stuff filmed from ‘a night out on the turps’ with myself, singer Matthew Banham and guest appearances from the Metro hotel’s proprietor, DK, and popular Adelaide artist Akira Akira.

Lately I’ve been playing with North Arm. Recently we played a show in a bowling alley and during one of the quiet parts someone got a strike. It created quite a lot of excitement.



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