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  1. Up at my elderly parents house today checking in on them, I noticed The Adelaide Review randomly opened on the feature on your book release. Excitedly I recommended it, my mum’s a voracious reader, but she said ” How, it’s not released yet ?” Good point, I bought my copy at the Adelaide Airport back in late March on the waty to Sydney. Absolutley thoroughly loved it.
    I ride 5/7 days a week, cutting my car use by 80%, collect, restore and trade vintage bikes ( and ride them ) loudly advocate cycling at every opportunity, converted a third of my work mates to ride and basically just really enjoy it. Shame my knees are shot from a mis-spent youth racing motor-cycles, can’t do hills !
    Congratulations, well done and all the best in the future.


  2. I just finished reading your book ‘Twenty One Nights in July’, and to be perfectly blunt I thought it was excellent. You offer a detailed history of the tour without it reading like a high-school textbook or a Wikipedia page. Your chosen format of focusing upon a particular rider/s per ‘stage’ keeps the book interesting the whole way through and I thought the anecdotes you selected were very cleverly chosen. I also enjoyed reading about your own personal experiences and beliefs when they came about. Thank-you for enhancing my experience of the Tour de France this year and I hope you continue writing on the topic.

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